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Bondhus® tools have long been known for their vastly superior quality, strength, durability, and resistance to rust and corrosion.  http://www.bondhus.com

Craftsman Tools
Almost all Craftsmans are still made here in the USA. Check!  http://www.craftsman.com

Serving customers and consumers for more than 70 years, “Quality” has been the cornerstone of the Fuller Tool success story. Since forming an alliance in 2005, Johnson Level & Tool and Fuller Tool have offered customers a one-stop shop opportunity.  http://www.johnsonlevel.com

Professional Tool Manufacturing
ProfessionalTool Manufacturing, LLC, is a privately owned company that designs and manufactures the Drill Doctor® brand of high quality drill bit sharpeners. Our drill bit sharpening technology is based on more than 30 years of design and manufacturing experience by Darex Corporation, the world leader in industrial drill and end mill sharpeners.

The Drill Doctor XP Series are the ideal sharpeners for the home workshop and serious do-it-yourselfers with the sharpening power needed to restore dull or broken drill bits, including split points creating a self-centering bit for less drill bit wandering.

The Work Sharp WS3000 is the sharpening and honing solution for the discerning woodworker and heavy hobbyist who want sharp tools quickly and easily. The WS3000 offers 3 ways to sharpen your tools: Top Side with Tool Rest, the Chisel and Plane Iron Port and the Edge-Vision Port. The WS3000 sharpens chisel and plane blades up to 2" wide to a perfect 20°, 25°, 30° or 35° bevel angle without any set up time! It also allows you to sharpen a perfect 5° micro-bevel for even faster re-honing. The WS3000 also sharpens carving tools, lathe tools, scrapers, putty knives and more! Work Sharp uses a powerful 1/5 hp motor and produces a high torque max wheel speed of 580 RPM. Work Sharp offers an active air cooled sharpening port with routed air flow and heat sink design to quickly and easily sharpen you chisels and flat blades without overheating or damaging the steel.

Snap On
Not all is American made. You can email or call and they will let you know  http://www.snapon.com


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