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Andea Ray
Andrea Ray is a true foundation company that specializes in fit, comfort, style and you our customer. Our garments have been fit and wear tested by women of all sizes. Each style has had multiple prototypes constructed to achieve a favored level of comfort and fit.  http://www.andrearay.com

AST Sportswear
Bayside, manufacturers and distributors of American-made T-shirts, would like to express our sincerest thanks for the opportunity to serve you.

Bayside is a vertical mill based in Orange County, California U.S.A., which gives us the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality garments all made right here at home.

Bayside specializes in the production of basic to fashion activewear and private label programs.

The company continues to thrive as a creative incubator for new talent and ideas. In recent years Babette and her Co-Designer, Josephine Tchang have expanded the company's offerings to create an entire sportwear collection that is a life-style solution for discerning women.  http://www.babettesf.com

Billy Blues
Renee Thomas and Billy Curtis, two L.A. natives with many years of fashion experience, founded Billy Blues in Los Angeles in 1998. Since then the company has enjoyed remarkable and steady growth, a reflection of its many loyal customers who appreciate fine quality and perfect fit.

Designer Renee Thomas takes inspiration from European directions in fabrics and colors and creates a varied line of unique products designed in the American way — relaxed fit for a casual lifestyle — comfortable for day and night, work and play.

At a time when almost all companies are cutting costs by manufactur-ing overseas, Billy Blues continue to be made exclusively in the USA. Billy Curtis directs a team of talented people determined to "get it right," carefully controlling quality through each step of the process until Billy Blues land safely in specialty stores around the country.

After many months of development and researching hundreds of products, we are excited to bring you a site offering one-of-a-kind beautiful pieced quilts, sure to delight both babies and new moms. Our soon-to-be-famous pails are uniquely packaged gift baskets. The Pamper U Pails make romantic gifts for those special women in your life, from young to mature.  http://www.bonannas.com

Camber Sportswear
All Camber products are manufactured in the USA and sold exclusively to the wholesale trade. Camber sweatshirts and T-shirts have found wide usage among imprinters and embroiderers who cater to schools, athletic associations and uniform service companies, among others.  http://camberusa.com

We pride ourselves on using the best and most innovative technologies and materials in the construction of our work boots.  http://www.carolinashoe.com

Cindy's Throws
Here at Cindy's Throws you will find an arrangement of tote bags, from your favorite pedigree dog or pedigree cat, Harley Davidson totes, and other designer tapestry tote bags. You can even have these become a personalized tote by having a name monogrammed. Style and carefree attitude come together in these stylish totes, that are 100% cotton, made in the USA. All tapestry tote bags are lined and have a nice heavy handle. Each tapestry tote is fashionable with stylish colors. These tote bags will stand out and attract attention wherever you go. Spot clean or dry clean only.  http://www.cindysthrows.com

Cool Clothing USA
Coolmax® shirts help wick away moisture keeping you dry
when you sweat. This helps you stay cooler in hot weather and warmer in the cold. Unlike cheaper shirts they are 100% Coolmax® fabric. Stay away from cheap imitations.
Only Coolmax® provides the moisture wicking that you can
rely on. These shirts work just as well if not better than Underarmour® at half the price.

Country N More
Country N' More currently has large selection of handmade reversible cobbler aprons, BBQ aprons, appliqued denim shirts, appliqued sweatshirts, oven door towels, embroidered kitchen towels and oven door dresses in stock. Each apron is made with the utmost care. Since we do not mass produce our unique aprons, most of the aprons are one of a kind.  http://www.countrynmore.com

Cozy Clothes for Senior
Welcome to Cozy Clothes For Seniors by Vermont Fleece Co.
Our line of Polarfleece Clothing is especially warm & cozy for everyone especially our Senior Citizens. Polarfleece is light-weight yet warm & so soft to touch. When there is a chill in the air be it the change of seasons or even air-conditioning during the summer, Polarfleece is the answer to chase those chills away.

The elderly, geriatric or stroke patients & those with arthritis, diabetes & edema find our clothing extremely comfortable to wear. In addition, those who are hospitalized, in Nursing Homes, Cancer Treatment Centers or Rehabilitation facilities benefit from the comfort of Polarflleece. In the construction of the clothing, we try to eliminate as many bulky seams as possible to avoid irritating tender skin. We have also removed all scratchy labels from the neck for added comfort.

Styles are full-cut for easy access. All are comfortable whether walking or sitting in a wheelchair. Polarfleece never needs ironing & is machine washable & dryable, 100% polyester and hypo-allergenic.

Our Clothing & Accessories are Made in Vermont & packed with loving care for you or as a gift to a loved one or dear friend.

Thank you for looking at our Cozy Clothes For Seniors! We hope to be sending a package off to you soon.

Your Friends at Vermont Fleece Co.

Guesset Clothing
Wear Our Trademark Gusset
Diamond Gusset Brand Jeans are different because of the unique gusset sewn into the crotch. So you're more comfortable, you have more room just where you need it, and you have a lot more freedom to move. See more about our trademark gusset here.

Japanese Weekend
Japanese Weekend Maternity designs have changed the way mothers-to-be look at maternity wear. Gone are the days of sloppy upsizing and non-functional clothing. Gone are the big bows and Peter Pan collars of "traditional" maternity wear. Japanese Weekend Maternity offers contemporary, functional and comfortable clothing, made with quality fabrics and solid construction. Because of White's care and fashion-forward designs, a modern day woman can feel assured that she looks good while being comfortable from the early months of pregnancy throughout her nursing days.

Here at Japanese Weekend we are committed to keeping our production in our community whenever we can. All of our designing, sample sewing, and shipping takes place in our San Francisco based headquarters, and nearly all of our garments are manufactured in San Francisco and Oakland. We also pride ourselves on using California made fabrics whenever possible. Those few styles that are produced elsewhere are clearly marked on our website. Crafting as much of our product as we can close to our corporate home is a very high priority for Japanese Weekend, and we value customers who seek us out for that reason!

we offer a full line of basic styles under the Majamas label. We also have a full line of beautiful fashion pieces designed for wearing during and after pregnancy under our Nixilu label.

We pride ourselves in sourcing and making all our garments here in the United States, and we even source our fabrics from textile mills based here. We’re passionate about the environment, and we do our best to ensure we leave the smallest footprint possible when making our clothing.

Look for our non-maternity line Eliseo, now available at www.eliseofashion.com. Eliseo is made from our excess fabrics that make it whimsical, unique, fashionable and comfortable.

North Star Trading Company
We're proud to have been part of the Pike Place Market community since 1978, handcrafting all of our products on beautiful Whidbey Island . After so long in the business, we have established a great relationship with our customers, who come from all over the world.

Wheather you are snuggled up on the couch or out walking the dog, nothing feels quite like a pair of North Star sheepskin slippers.

Samantha Pleet
Samantha Pleet debuted her namesake collection for the Fall 2006 season, intertwining elements if the dark, mysterious and fantastical —dandies and rogues of centuries past and lands afar—with a sense of modernity that is distinctly Brooklyn. Her signature rompers, jackets and chic day dresses are now best sellers at boutiques across the US and abroad, and she has developed a specialty in dressing indie bands such as Au Revoir Simone, Apache Beat, Grizzly Bear, Yeasayer, and Holy Hail. For Fall 2008, she introduced Patrick Pleet, a menswear line co-designed with her husband, architect Patrick McGovern. Since October 2008, she has designed an exclusive collection called Rapscallion, which led to curating an Urban Outfitters pop-up store in Los Angeles in November 2008. She received a 2008 Ecco Domani sustainability design award for her work on the premiere collection of Bodkin. The 27-year-old Philadelphia native also paints, acts, makes films, and plans to start a band if she ever has the time.  http://samanthapleet.com

A New Concept in Carrying. Designed by a nurse-midwife and mother, Sucaro Bags (TM) are innovative, versatile bags for men and women who desire security, organization, comfort and unique styling in a variety of colors and materials. Sucaro makes bags that are hands-free and can be worn a number of ways, making them great gifts for travelers, the elderly, parents of small children, and anyone who has more gadgets than their pockets can hold. Essentials are just a secure magnetic flip of a flap away. All are crafted of the finest materials and hardware and all are guarranteed for satisfaction and workmanship.  http://www.sucaro.com

The Wear-With-All
Jewelry: Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, Brooches. Semi-precious gemstones, beads, bling rhinestones, sea shells, sea glass.

Brand-New & Hot! Vintage and contemporary silver spoons, forks and other flatware reborn as amazing, ultra-hi-fashion, truly one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Exclusive Apparel: Women's career, casual & dress-up designer clothing. Fine knitwear, precious baby boutique items & trendy, fun fashion accessories.

Home Décor Art Objects: Distinctive, artfully designed and decorated shells and paperweights.

True Religion Brand Jeans
Jeffrey Lubell founded True Religion in 2002 with the intention of redefining premium denim. His vision was to make quality, American-made, authentic, timeless, great fitting, 1970’s inspired jeans wear, with a trendsetting appeal for today’s consumer.

Today, True Religion Brand Jeans is known not only for its denim, but also for its knit and woven sportswear, such as t-shirts, western shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants that all have that vintage feel.

True Religion’s commitment to perfect fit, timeless style and that hippie bohemian chic flair have solidified True Religion’s brand position as a leader in premium denim and casual sportswear globally.

Currently, about one in five Americans have some kind of disability. With the population aging and the likelihood of having a disability increasing with age, the growth in the number of people with disabilities can be expected to accelerate in the coming decades. In addition to an aging population, our society is experiencing more lifelong learning, increasing costs of quality health care, living longer, and working longer. All these trends increase the need for adaptive products and solutions like the Sarah Bra? by Wear Ease® and the Wear Ease® Shoe Fastener Kit.  http://www.wearease.com

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