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Furthers. com offers custom engagement rings, custom celtic wedding bands, mens and ladies personalized rings in all metals from Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Tungsten. Bring us your unique design requirements, we would be happy to assist you in designing your engagement and wedding rings.  http://www.furthers.com

Ginger Meek Allen
Metal is an incredible medium. With states of both fluidity and rigidity, it is a force to be reckoned with in the creative process. It is not a submissive substance, but a responsive one.

My work is organic in style, and yet contemporary. I celebrate the marks of the process, such as hammer blows, because the process is what drives me. I seldom begin with a detailed design to follow. I prefer to begin with a general idea like "necklace" or "spoon" and let the piece develop.

This loose way of working suits me best, and I find that when I can manage to get out the way, that's when the beautiful comes. There is a sort of "dying to self" that is a prerequisite to collaborative creation, although some days it is difficult to achieve.

We carry a wonderful assortment of Elegant and Whimsical Handcrafted, Custom Designed Jewelry with a heart. Heart jewelry is our specialty, but we offer many styles and designs of whimsical jewelry as well as baby jewelry, Valentine jewelry, elegant jewelry, flower girl jewelry, mother's jewelry, bridal jewelry and charms.  http://www.julesjewelry.com

Napa Valley Jewels
Offering beautiful artisan designed, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your enjoyment.

Please note: Napa Valley Jewels is an online store only, we do not have a local store.

If you live in or near Napa Valley and are interested in learning to create your own jewelry, BEADING CLASSES are available.


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