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Alison Thibault
Who is behind WindHorse and Five Elements Gallery? - Alison Thibault, you can read more about her.  http://www.alisonthibault.com

You will find elegant jewelry, a different kind of home accessories and dinnerware as well as unique wall art.  http://www.artchestra.com/

Bellagio Jewelry
Bellagio® jewelry Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high fashion designer jewelry. We pride ourselves in our manufacturing of unsurpassed quality and high definition jewelry, using only the best materials and components available, be it Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, semi-precious stones, etc., at low, down to earth prices.  http://www.bellagiojewelry.com

Brooks Fine Jewelry
We specialize in Victorian style gold slide bracelets. We make all of our gold slides (sometimes called slide charms or sliders). These bracelets are a unique collectible that makes a great gift and treasured heirloom.

Hundreds of slide designs available to choose from in yellow and white gold to make that special bracelet.Over 40 different single slide starter slide bracelets. Choose from 14 karat yellow or white gold and from a selection of stones: amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, garnet, peridot, cameo, and more.

Our gold clasps, including our gold bullseye clasp, have a lifetime guarantee.We've been designing and manufacturing jewelry for over 30 years. We manufacture all of our slides and clasps.

Buttermilk Lane
Welcome to Buttermilk Lane where you will find a totally unique line of artisan created, one-of-a-kind, jewelry!! Buttermilk Lane's jewelry is artfully created by Maine artisan, Ruth Wales, using REAL FLOWERS, such as Forget-Me-Nots, Sweet Alyssum, Bridal Veil Spiraea, and other tiny flowers.

Much of the jewelry is created from non-endangered wildflowers gathered along the roadsides, woods, and fields in western Maine.

Buy a Butterfly
memorial butterflies, larvae and pupae for sale, jewlery and accessories made with butterfly wings. Etc.  http://www.buyabutterfly.com

Cape Ann Designs
Cape Ann Designs wearable art is made from genuine, unaltered sea glass and pottery arranged on durable metals and other materials such as wood. The sea glass and pottery is all locally found by the artist and sorted according to size, shape, and color! These are all purchased through American artisans including brooch and pendant findings made by PMS Manufacturing here in Gloucester. Glass and pottery is secured with epoxy and wire and decorated according to the style. The wire is functional; therefore it is generally made from copper or brass and coated to create the colors. This type of wire is more durable than some of the precious metals. However, sterling silver is used whenever possible to accentuate a particularly unique shard.

If you have ever held a piece of sea glass or pottery, you would know there is no substitute for how it feels in the palm of your hand and how it takes shape as a result of its travels in and out of the high seas. With tide chart in hand, and just after a big storm, I look for days when I can begin my search at the morning low tide, when the sun is low and I can walk the beaches in solitude.

To achieve the interesting designs needed for hair accessories and broaches, I look for specific sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. I visualize a series of puzzles and try to imagine how these pieces will naturally fit together to form a unique piece of hair art or an eye-catching broach

Cyan Rift Jewelry
Welcome to Cyan Rift, a dynamic, modern beaded jewelry company founded in 2000 by designer/artisan, Sharon Marzonie. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and original using time-honored beading techniques, such as combinations of stringing, knotting, and wirework. H

er bead palette is a mix of semi-precious gemstones, coral, spiny oyster shell, authentic African trade beads, unique metal findings in sterling, bronze and vermeil, and lots of pearls!

Artisans in Precious Metals and fashion Jewelry for Three Generations  http://www.danecraft.com

Exeter Jewelry
Exeter Jewelry is a Rhode Island manufacturer of solid Sterling Silver jewelry. We make our own designs into exquisitely crafted pins and tie tacks. Feel free to browse our designs, and choose your favorites! They make great gifts and accessories  http://www.exeterjewelry.com

Finger Lakes Gifts
Luxury Glass Jewelry Handmade by Alice Horrigan For Finer Gift Stores, Galleries, & Winery Gift Shops  http://www.fingerlakesgifts.com

Hand and Hammer
We are always busy here at Hand & Hammer making silver jewelry and ornaments for our customers. In the course of designing, casting, polishing and packaging our designs, it's fun to think about the people who will buy them.

When Ann and I see someone wearing one of our pins, it's a thrill. We know that every piece we make will be bought by someone for themselves or as a gift, and we often wonder how many of our customers think about the folks who create the pieces they purchase.

We hope our customers share our love for silver. Silver's legendary intrinsic value matters less to silver lovers than its beauty and amazing physical properties. Its unmatched conductivity of heat and electricity make it invaluable in industry and science and its incredible workability makes it the perfect medium for the artist and craftsman.

Hippos Eating Alligators
Interresting dichroic jewelry and sterling silver jewelry.  http://www.hipposeatingalligators.com

Illusion Glass Works
I create my own beads using the ancient technique of lampworking. To make each bead, I melt glass in an oxygen propane flame at temperatures in excess of 2000° F. I then anneal the beads in a kiln for five hours or more. All my designs are unique—incorporating my handmade lamworked beads, Swarovski crystals, silver from Bali, and freshwater pearls.  http://www.illusionglassworks.com

Jewel Box Goddess
The Jewelbox Goddess specializes in bringing you Original Beaded Stone Jewelry, Goddess Gifts, and Rare Metaphysical Gemstones. Designer art jewelry, original designs in glass and gemstones, Goddess amulets and gifts created by designer Gloria Danvers.  http://www.jewelboxgoddess.com

We carry a wonderful assortment of Elegant and Whimsical Handcrafted, Custom Designed Jewelry with a heart. Heart jewelry is our specialty, but we offer many styles and designs of whimsical jewelry as well as baby jewelry, Valentine jewelry, elegant jewelry, flower girl jewelry, mother's jewelry, bridal jewelry and charms.  http://www.julesjewelry.com

The name Lieberfarb has been synonymous with bridal jewelry for decades. This robust family-owned operation began in the early 1900's as a manufacturer of plain wedding rings. Mark Schonwetter purchased the company from the Lieberfarb family in 1971. Over the years, Mark dramatically diversified and expanded beyond plain wedding rings by adding a complete line of high quality, exquisitely designed engraved wedding rings, engagement rings, men's diamond rings and diamond anniversary rings. In the 1990's, Mark was joined in business by his two daughters, Ann Schonwetter Arnold and Isabella Schonwetter Fiske.

Together this dynamic team has transformed Lieberfarb from a simple wedding ring company into a nationally branded, full service bridal company with a strong presence in the gold, platinum and palladium markets. Mark and his daughters are dedicated to one simple mission, to make Lieberfarb the first name in Bridal Rings. "Isabella and I are constantly developing new designs and product collections to meet the needs and taste of our customers. When we approach a new design we ask ourselves; would our friends and contemporaries want to symbolize their love for each other with this ring?" says Arnold.

Maui Divers
Located in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu, Maui Divers Jewelry is the largest jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Hawaii. Founded in 1959, we’re credited with the discovery of Hawaiian Black Coral as well as the rare Hawaiian Gold Coral.

We’re renowned for our unique, high-quality handcrafted designs not only in precious coral jewelry, but also gold Hawaiian jewelry, and exquisite styles featuring diamonds and other popular gemstones, including pearl jewelry, which showcases each unique variety of pearls found in the Pacific.

Our extensive collection of pearl jewelry can also be found in our exclusive Island Pearls stores, as well as at www.mauidiverspearls.com.

PK Jewelry 4 U
Here at PK Jewelry you will find handmade beaded gemstone bracelets, necklaces, earrings, chain maille and unique pendants by designer Pamela K.

My designs are made from pearls, faceted gemstone beads, cameo, cabochons, and swarvoski crystals. Many compliment's await, when you wear "PK Jewelry 4u".

Find handmade beaded jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, chainmail, wire sculpted jewelry and unique wire wrapped gemstone pendant, gifts for yourself, a friend, or that special someone.

SHE Fashions
Makers of vintage fashion jewelry since 1990, invites resellers to experience the convenience
of online wholesale buying at shefashions.com.

The further benefits of our unsurpassed quality,
affordable pricing, total satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service plus a free shipping offer will assure you a pleasant and rewarding opportunity.

Silver Legends Inc.
Silver Legends specializes in Sterling Silver Jewelry with a wide variety of rings, earrings, watches, pendants, charms, and bracelets all made in the USA!  http://www.silver-legends.com


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