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Adorable Kinders
Here at GRANZA Inc., we are committed to providing quality safe toys and rag dolls made in USA. Our Adorable Kinders® Rag Dolls are soft dolls with a unique theme and designed-in features as explained in the “Our Rag Dolls” section of this website. Our Friendly Pillows® are also toys made in USA.  http://dorablekinders.com

By-The-Hearth introduces Tub-Trax - the new learning activity
available since November, 2007. Designed & produced by Judith Brunson after spending many hours by the tub while her children played with various bath toys. By enhancing their routine life activity with educational and conversational opportunity both parent and child enjoyed many benefits. And now Tub-Trax is available in 5 themes with more on the way!

Channel Craft
Channel Craft has been manufacturing Authentic American Toys, Games and Puzzles that are "Quality Crafted" right here in the U.S.A. for over 25 years now. You'll find American Pastimes that are produced by skilled craftsmen and women to ensure aesthetic beauty, durability and great play value.  http://www.channelcraft.com

Chickory Wood Products, Inc.
Chickory Wood Products offers handmade wooden toys including wooden trucks, trains, airplanes, and other wood products. All our toys are made in America.

We started by making wooden toys for our own children and soon realized there was a demand for quality, wooden toys. Our wooden toys have become highly prized as both toys and collectable items, as we make a limited number each year.

Craftsbury Kids
Let your senses revel in the smooth feel of real wood toys, the fine hand of natural fiber baby knits, the beauty of a hand-embroidered piece. In an industry that is over-run with shoddily-made gizmos and gadgets your child doesn't need, take comfort in our carefully handcrafted classic wooden toys, natural fiber dolls, cozy knits, and artwork for kids. A large toy room and nursery full of things may seem impressive, but a small collection of truly useful and beautiful possessions will see far more use, and prove worthy enough to be handed down to the next generation.  http://www.craftsburykids.com

D and Me
If you would like to see our handmade "Made in Montana, USA" wood toys, please click on the following link:
D and ME Handmade Wood Toys

If you would like to see our handmade "Made in Montana, USA" country style quilts for beds, walls and tables, please click on the following link:
D and ME Handmade Quilts

Dollhouse Toys
These miniature 1"scale toys are all hand made/carved from solid wood, completely hand painted and carefully assembled in the USA. All are new (unused) and are 100% Guaranteed or item will be replaced at our cost or money will be fully refunded, no questions asked.
These toys would look darling in a little child's dollhouse room or under the Christmas tree, from Santa Claus! They would surely add to any Christmas room or would look great just lying around on the floor in any room in your litttle house!!

Gator Tots
They have a large selection of USA made toys and other American-made products for children.

Toys Made in USA...unfortunately, they're pretty difficult to find. As a mom myself, I understand that American made children's products are almost nonexistent in stores, and it can also be frustrating trying to find websites that sell a large selection of toys made in USA.

You have come to the right place. Gator Tots (one of the "small guys", owned and operated by a teacher turned mom) offers an ever-growing selection of children's products and educational toys MADE IN USA!

Go Kid
Our products were developed out of a need in the fitness vehicle industry for safe, stable and durable equipment. Go-Kid™ push models are designed to out-perform other modes offun/fitness transportation that are currently on the market.

All models feature a rear riding platform, patented steering system, bicycle-style hand brakes, four pneumatic tires, and a "shoulder-width" wheel base on a sturdy welded steel frame. Factored together, Go-Kid's™ functional design gives the rider a fun ride with increased control and maneuverability!

Guillow, Inc.
Paul K. Guillow, Inc. - your one source for balsa wood airplane kits and flying toys since 1926. From the Fokker triplane to the Sopwith Camel of WWI to the P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning of WWII to the modern day F-15 Eagle fighter jet you will find that our balsa airplane models appeal to both the young and the "young at heart". Who doesn't remember those shiny red propellers on his favorite toy airplane!  http://www.guillow.com

Maine Toys
“Lead Free Toys” The current news frenzy about lead and other chemicals being found in children’s toys has many parents and grandparents concerned for their kids’ safety.

Mainetoys.com is the internet arm of the Different Drummer Workshop, handcrafters of high quality and natural finished wooden toys for kids since 1973.

Marble King
Established in the late 1940's, Marble King Marbles are highly recognized and respected worldwide. Discover for yourself why we are known for our tradition, quality, and history with a visit to our interactive museum and expanded gift shop.

Upon visiting, you will learn first-hand how we manufacture more than one million toy, game, decorative, collectible, and industrial marbles every day! You will also find out how our marbles have made it into space and what classic Hollywood films have featured them.

Journey through our world of family-friendly games, puzzles and toys. There is a lot to explore! In addition, Patch now is the proud maker of Lauri and Smethport products. Look for new educational toys, activity kits and classroom teaching tools that will be coming soon!  http://www.lauritoys.com

Peace Toys
Combine 100% organic (no pesticides) cotton shell filled with unbleached cotton clippings, add the embroidered eyes for safety, and you have one of the most environmentally safe toys made in the world today.

It takes 3 years of chemical and pesticide free farming to certify a cotton crop as organic. Organic farming protects ground water and the farm workers. The cotton used in our Foundlings are free from pesticide and other harmful chemicals.

Hand crafted in the Green Mountain State of Vermont.

All these soft animals are machine washable and safe for all ages.

Step 2
A comprehensive list of toys made in the USA.  http://www.step2.com/made-in-usa/toys

Toys Made in America
There are some REALLY unique and wonderful toys in the list below,
made right here in America. Please give them a try!


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